Custom Homes in Tampa

If you’ve found yourself on this page, you must be considering the idea of building a custom home. You have come to the right place! With years of experience a group of trained professionals under our employ, as well as trusted subcontractors, Tenney Construction Team Inc is the building team for you.

When you put your trust in us, our promise to you is honesty and integrity. As important as the foundation of a home is to its finished structure, that is how we see our client relationships. When you come in for your first meeting at our offices, we will build a lasting foundation!

The Dos and Don’ts

Before you start picturing your concept in the Tampa landscape, there are important dos and don’ts that both you as the client and we as the builders follow.


  • Get a quote for the work to be completed.
  • Make sure your finances are in order.
  • Sign a contract. This is beneficial to both client and building team.
  • Consult with your custom home designer until you are 100% happy. Once the build is in progress it’s not very easy to alter your blueprint.
  • Survey your land and work with its natural structure when planning your home.
  • Trust your contractor. This is not their first rodeo and they will make the decisions that are most beneficial to your build.
  • Ensure inspections are completed at the beginning and end of the build so your new home is up to code.
  • Allow for a build lasting up to six months. Patience is key in the custom home world, and always worth it in the end.
  • Enjoy your new home, and make sure you have a big housewarming party!


  • Pick the cheapest and fastest builder. As a transparent company, we do not discourage some shopping around, but a speedy job can often be a shoddy one.
  • Over-specify. While a lot can be planned before the build begins, over-specification of materials and appliances can result in disappointment. While structured, a build also has an organic aspect to it and your mind will be clearer as the property starts to come together.
  • Avoid the construction site. Our custom home builders and contractors will follow your initial plan perfectly, but if you are not hands-on, you risk missing changes you may desire along the way.

Tenney Construction Team Inc: Done Right, From the Start

The building of a custom home is a large and lengthy undertaking. That is why it is so important to establish an open builder-client relationship. We will share our expansive knowledge with you every step of the way, and should you want to do any additional research, point you in the right direction.

As your home is important to you, our work is important to us—it represents our integrity. Your home and the vision we create together will last over a lifetime on the landscape of Tampa. So we always do it right, from the start.