Custom Homes in St. Petersburg

In this competitive real estate market, house hunting has become more difficult than ever. You will face constant competition with other buyers, scheduling conflicts (an open house at noon on a Wednesday? It’s your top choice for a home? Guess you’ll have to miss some work!) and when you do choose to bid, wars that could put you out of the race. At this point, a custom home can look incredibly appealing!

But aren’t custom homes for wealthy families building their mansions? This is not the case. Custom homes often do hold a financial advantage. So what are the benefits?

Custom Everything

The top benefit of a custom home, which includes quite a bit, is that when you work with a custom home architect to create your dream home, the possibilities are endless! You will never have to “settle” for a second-rate kitchen or bathroom. Never again argue with your partner about a garage vs. a walk-in closet—now you can have both! The only problem you’ll face now, is taking in everything available and making decisions on which best suit your needs.

Save on Energy

With options like solar and geothermal power as well as energy-efficient windows, and water-conserving appliances, the custom home is a powerhouse for saving on energy! Did you know, that solar power even generates passive income? Installing the system is an up-front cost but you will make your money back AND save on power bills.

Privacy and Light

Do you favor sunrises or sunsets? How about having a great view of both? With a custom home, your windows will face wherever you choose for them to. You also won’t have to worry about neighbors spotting you in the bathroom, or sunbathing in the backyard. The orientation of your home is in your hands entirely.


When formulating the idea of building your dream home, it’s easy to forget that landscaping is involved as well. Once you’ve customized every room in your home you can create the perfect yard as well. If you want a lush green lawn, prize-winning flowers or vegetables, or you don’t want to deal with the upkeep and prefer to create a sleek modern patio and rock garden, the possibilities are endless.

Sentimental Bond

A meaningful benefit of the custom home, is the bond you will have with it. When you buy a home that many people have lived in before you, it will never be as close to you as your newly built dream home. Throughout the build, you will visit the site hundreds of times and over the months it takes to come together, you will see every little change the property goes through to evolve into what you’ve only seen before on paper. The custom home is more than just a place to exist, it’s a place to really live and grow in.

Final Considerations

Depending on your build, the cost of a custom home can seem daunting at first. But with energy efficiency and the benefits of a brand new structure and appliances, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Older homes can have many hidden issues that in the end can cost more than going custom from the start. Call Tenney Construction Team Inc today to get your quote on your St. Petersburg custom home!