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Tenney Construction Team Inc. is the home builder the people of Palm Harbor trust because of the long-standing relationships we've developed with our clients and our communities. When you entrust us with your vision for the perfect custom home, we take our responsibility for getting all the details just right very seriously.

During our initial consultation process, we'd like to sit down with you to discuss your goals and get a solid understanding of your ideas so we can incorporate them into a design that will meet your highest standards. This is a fully collaborative process that puts your desires at the forefront.

Let's construct the home you and your family have always wanted. Reach out to our team by dialing (727) 831-4992 to set up a consultation at no obligation.

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Custom Homes Built the Way You Like

Open Communication Guides Our New Home Construction Process

Open communication with you is one of the things that sets us apart from the rest. When we build custom homes on your behalf, we go above and beyond to ensure each aspect of the final product matches the blueprints you've approved.

During your new home construction, we'll be sure to keep you updated on progress, so you know what to expect and when things are happening every step of the way. Are you ready to take the next step toward living in the home you've always envisioned? Connect with our licensed professionals to learn more about our value-driven pricing and exceptional attention to detail.

House-Building Contractors with an Excellent Reputation

We are proud to be established house-building contractors with a solid track record for working closely with our clients to bring their vision for the perfect home to life. We’ve earned our impeccable reputation through open communication, honesty, superior project management skills, and a level of craftsmanship and quality you won’t find anywhere else.

As our partners, you won’t be left with unanswered questions and phone calls. That’s because we strive to keep you informed and up to date during every phase throughout the entire construction process.

Gain peace of mind when you select a professional with a multitude of experience building houses in our region. Connect with our team to take the first step toward waking up in your dream house. Book a no-obligation consultation today.

We are Happy to Answer Your Questions About New Construction

We understand you want everything to be just right when you commit to building a home, so we go the extra mile to ensure each of your questions is answered thoroughly and you are completely satisfied and comfortable with your selections.

As seasoned professionals, we pride ourselves on answering your queries quickly. We will cover everything from the permits needed to break ground all the way to the final inspection process and beyond because of the warranties we provide.

Is your heart already locked on a specific floor plan? Perhaps you are more open to input from our expert design team. Either way, we are confident in our ability to align the construction of your brand-new home with your budget, desires, and elevated expectations.

Browse a gallery of our most recent builds here, or get in touch by phone to learn more about our certifications and how we put them all to good use on your behalf.

Benefits of Investing in a New-Build Home

There are a lot of advantages to purchasing a newly built home. Some of these include being able to pioneer a new community, proximity to new neighborhood features like community pools, parks, recreational spaces, excellent school choices, and much more.

If you are still on the fence about whether to buy a resale house or to invest in a new-build home, we suggest considering the following benefits of new construction:

  • Unbeatable customization options
  • No renovations or additional work is required
  • You choose the level of modern technology that is built-in
  • Higher home value
  • No hidden surprises (or smells) leftover from previous owners
  • Your new home comes with protective warranties

We’re always interested in getting to know the unique specifications of your vision for the perfect home layout. Call us today to begin exploring your construction ideas further with licensed professionals

Choose a Trusted Local Builder

Your home may be one of the most significant investments you will make in your lifetime. For this reason, we always recommend doing your research in advance to make sure you’ve aligned with a trusted local builder that can deliver on all promises made to you.

When you choose a home building company like ours, you can rest assured your construction experience will be smooth. Sit down with us to learn more about how we put our successful home-building strategies to work on your behalf.

Build Your Dream Home with a Reputable Construction Partner

When you work with seasoned builders like us, you can rest assured our exceptional project management skills will be put to good use. With so many years helping people build their dream homes in our region, our relationships with the best and most reliable local subcontractors are second to none.

At Tenney Construction Team Inc., we hire and work with only the best contractors through every step of the process. Every stage from site preparation and framing to the final features of the interior must be done with meticulous attention to detail when building a house. Our contractors understand this and have proven to deliver high standards of work over the years.

No matter what style or materials you choose, you'll receive the best care, construction innovation, and attention to detail as our partners. When you work with us, we also guarantee:

  • Fully licensed and insured construction experts who show up on time to provide services
  • A large selection of finishing materials that suit your taste
  • Affordable and upfront estimates
  • Speedy turnarounds
  • High-quality materials
  • Honest, open communication and answers to all your questions
  • And more

We'd like to meet with you during a risk-free consultation to get to know the specs of your project in greater depth. Don't hesitate to book an appointment.

Choose Tenney Construction Team Inc. for a High-Quality, Newly Built Home

Deciding to build a new home might be one of the most significant decisions of your life. Not only is it a substantial financial investment, but it will be your everyday environment for many years to come. Here at Tenney Construction Team Inc., we're committed to providing you with the best home-building experience you could receive.

From the moment we sit down with you for a consultation, we’ll work on gathering all the pertinent information to create a blueprint of your vision. No stone will be left unturned so expect our meeting to be relatively lengthy. We’ll give you free rein in choosing everything from the color of the kitchen cabinets to the flooring in the upstairs bathroom.

If you're looking to build an environmentally friendly home, you're in luck! All our newly built homes are made with durable, eco-friendly materials, and we always source the highest-quality material. When we build homes, we build them with longevity in mind—for both the house and the environment. We’ll also be there for as long as you need us because we believe that our relationship doesn't end when the project ends. We offer our new homeowners a warranty package that allows them to contact us if there’s an issue after moving in.

If you're ready to build your dream home, you can't go wrong with Tenney Construction Team Inc.. Contact us today, and we’ll schedule you for a risk-free consultation.

Why Build a New Home?

When you're in the market to buy a new home, you’ll be faced with two options: build new or buy used. While each option comes with advantages and drawbacks, we can't deny that building a new home comes with many benefits. Below are some stand-out reasons why our clients have chosen to build their dream homes.

You Get to Design It

When you're spending a significant amount of money purchasing a home, the layout and design should meet your highest expectations. It's not always that easy when you buy used. Building a home gives you the flexibility of participating in planning and taking the lead on the design, color scheme, etc.

You Won't Worry About Underlying Issues

When you build your own home, it's brand new, and everything will be in working order. There’s no need to worry about an HVAC system on the brink of breaking down or pipes that need to be replaced.

New Builds Are Eco-Friendly

If you build with an eco-friendly builder, your home will benefit from the newest technology in energy savings, so you won't need to worry about installing upgrades throughout your home. While older houses can be converted, it can be a timely and costly project to convert them into eco-friendly dwellings.

You Have Customizable Options

When you build with Tenney Construction Team Inc., you’ll be given a choice to customize your home entirely. If you don't like the cookie-cutter approach to building homes and prefer to design a home that stands out from the neighborhood crowd, we’ll create it with your vision in mind.

So, if you're ready to build the home of your dreams with Palm Harbor's most sought-after builder, we're the company for you. Contact our office today by calling (727) 831-4992. We look forward to laying the foundations for your dream home.

The Finances

When considering any new home, finances should be a priority. This is even more important when building a home. They can be a very risky investment—you’re investing in a home that doesn’t exist yet after all! You want to know your money is going to be well spent and used on a team that can do the job. We’ll sit down with you during your risk-free consultation and go over your budget and what you’re looking to have done. We’ll be able to provide you with realistic expectations and help you break down the cost involved with materials and labor. We promise to provide you with an accurate representation of the work we do and its cost so that you can better prepare for it the moment we breakground. What’s more, you’re sure to find our rates competitive, especially for the quality of work you’ll receive. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

Builder Interviews

This is a very important step in the process. It’s where we get to learn about your home ideas and where you get to learn about our solutions. Come with as many questions as possible! This is where we can get them out of the way. We recommend that you brainstorm before coming to talk with us, that way we can give you as many answers before the next step: conceptual meetings.

Conceptual Meeting with a Residential Designer

Here is where the inspiration for your house comes to life. Even if you don’t have clear ideas or goals, that’s okay. Our residential designer will work with you to uncover what the specifics of your home will look like. All you need is to tell them what you require in a home, what you’re looking for to match your lifestyle, and they will craft a design to match this.

They can also provide examples of homes we have built in the past. These can serve as inspiration, or they can be adapted to suit your own desires.

Even before we start these steps, there’s an earlier one: you have to call! We look forward to consulting and answering any initial questions at (727) 831-4992.

Direct Your Home Construction

Although we are the professional builders and contractors in this partnership, the success of the final product really relies on you. This will be your home, and it has been inspired by your ideas.

Through all the projects we have completed as a team, the thing that has made us so successful is not only communicating with you the progress, but listening to your concerns, your questions, and your feedback.

We listen to you all along the way

Then we finish the residence, taking special care to design each room to your standards. This way, you can have the perfect kitchen, splendid bathrooms, cozy living areas, restful bedrooms, and spacious storage areas. Everything is done with your lifestyle and needs in mind.

Hire House Builders Who Put Your Needs First

As Palm Harbor's industry-leading housebuilders, we strive to put your needs and desires above all else. When you trust us to bring your dreams to life, we don't take our responsibility lightly. Allow us to show you a portfolio of some of our most recent work. Book a risk-free consultation with our experts today to learn more.